Types Of Car Insurances In Qatar

The insurance for the vehicle is compulsory in Qatar, which should be covered to at least a third-party level. Here are the types of insurances which you can get in Qatar.

1.Third-party liability

The legal minimum requirement which will covers any claims made by third parties for damage or injury caused by incidents where you are the driver at fault. The damage cost of the vehicle or equipment won’t be cover any cost of your own with third-party liability insurance. The third-party liability insurance is suggested to be taken if your vehicle is not of high value or if you don’t drive often.

2.Fully comprehensive

The fully comprehensive insurance provides full coverage and it will cover all the costs even if you are fully at fault. It not only covers vehicle damage sustained in road accidents but also damages sustained by fire, storm, theft, and vandalism. Breakdown assistance is included in some policies. Here are exclusions:

  • Incidents that occur while driving off-road.
  • Accidents in which you have committed a traffic violation.
  • if the vehicle was used for purposes other than specified (e.g. if insured only for work purpose and have an accident while using it for personal use).
  • Damage to the car intentionally or deliberately.

A limited amount of medical or legal coverage is provided in some comprehensive policies only and some companies refuse to offer comprehensive insurance to cars over five years old. The terms and conditions must be checked before signing for the policy. A third intermediate form of insurance known in many places as third-party, fire, and theft is offered by some companies. The accidental damage to and theft of your own car will be covered by third-party liability but it won’t cover your costs in accidents where you are at fault.

Additional forms of car insurance in Qatar

Most companies offer a range of extra car insurance in Qatar n addition to the main forms of insurance. Some of these will be included with comprehensive policies while others might not be available with certain third-party coverage (e.g., insurance for older vehicles).

Popular types of extra coverage include:

  • Off-Road Insurance
  • No-claims Protection 
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Agency Repair Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Engine protection

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