Types of Visas in Oman

If you travel to Oman from Qatar,  United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Kuwait or New Zealand, you will not require a visa.

A visa is required for anyone who is not from the listed countries. If you are not from one of the above countries, you will need a visa to travel.

You can apply for a visa at the Omani border points by filling out a form if you hold a Gulf Cooperation Council passport or residency permit. GCC citizens don’t need visas, but GCC residents do.

Online application for an entry visa is the easiest. Oman now offers an electronic visa for tourist visas, single– or multi-entry. This type of visa cannot be applied for upon arrival.

These are the things you’ll need to apply for an electronic Oman tourist Visa

* Valid passport valid for at most six months after arrival
* Return ticket
* An email address that is valid, because the visa will be sent via this method.

You must submit a photo of your passport to complete your application.

Single-entry eVisa (also known as. The 26B tourist visa is valid for 30 calendar days after your arrival in Oman. It must be used within six month of approval. The travel document is invalid if it is not used within this time frame.

The 36B Visit Visa (or multi-entry visa) is valid for one calendar year starting on the day you arrive in Oman. Multiple entries are allowed, but only one per month. It must also be used within six months after approval.

Your eVisa cannot be extended. Instead, you must leave Oman and apply again. You will need a residence visa to allow you to stay and work in Oman. For information about how to get a work permit, see below.

Oman offers a variety of other visa options:

* Employment visa (see below).
* Family joining/residence visa
* Student visa
* Investor visa
* Transit visa

The Royal Omani Police is responsible for issuing visas. You can find out which visas are available.

A maximum turnaround time for an eVisa should be 24 hours. Some are issued in a matter of minutes.

A tourist visa costs 20 Rial (US$52)

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