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Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law

If you’re working in Saudi Arabia (KSA), your employment contract outlines your job description, salary and other details while you are working in Saudi Arabia. It also contains an important part of your employment: work hours.

In an earlier article, we discussed policies regarding wages as required by the Saudi Labor Law. Today we will be discussing working hours — overtime, regular, and the corresponding wages. We’ll also talk about breaks, prayer, and meals at work.

Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law

Working hours

  • Employees are not allowed to work more than 8 hour/day, or 48 hour/week.
  • Ramadan will see Muslims work for 6 hours a day or 36 hours a week.
  • ” Intermittent Works” jobs require a minimum of 10 hour work days. During Ramadan, this is reduced to eight hours
  • Working hours for Janitors and Guards cannot exceed 12 hours per day. During Ramadan, this is reduced to ten hours per day.

Rest Periods

  • Periods of rest, prayer, and meals shall not include in the actual work hours.
  • These periods may allow the employer to not force employees to leave the workplace.
  • Employees who work in ” intermittent” jobs must have continuous rest periods of no less than 10 hour per 24 hours.

Hours of Overtime

  • Employers must pay employees for overtime. This amount is equal to the hourly wages plus 50% of basic wage.
  • If the company works on a weekly schedule, hours that are longer than the regular hours shall be considered overtime.
  • Hours worked during holidays or ” Eids“, shall be considered overtime.

Guide To Calculate Overtime As Per Saudi Labor Law

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