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3 Year Ban If Exit/Re-Entry Visa Is Violated – KSA

Ban on Exit ReEntry Visa Violation

The Jawazat which is General Directorate of Passports restated that expatriates who left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an exit re-entry visa and did not return within their visa validity will be banned for three years. Jawazat made an official statement that “those expatriates who left the kingdom on exit re-entry visas and did not return before their visas expiry are not allowed to re-enter the kingdom for a period of three years.” However, those returning to the same employer with a new work visa will not face this ban. This ban applies to only workers. A query from an expatriate wanting to return to the kingdom after leaving the country years ago on an exit and re-entry visa and did not return before the visa expiry was clarified by the above response. The three-year ban was done to stabilize the labor market. “It’s part of the residency law and is meant to prevent workers from switching jobs using these visas,” said by a labour expert.3 Year Ban If Exit Re-Entry Visa Is Violated - KSA

3 Year Ban If Exit/Re-Entry Visa Is Violated

Many Expatriates were astonished by this decision. Some sudden circumstances come and they are forced to stay longer than the given period. But Jawazat are arranging for the extension of the duration of the exit re-entry visa. The details of the exit re-entry visa will be considered as authentic and final on the website It had been made much easier for the expatriates to issue visa for their dependents through the absher system.

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