The Food Cost For Citizens And Residents In Dubai

Cost of Food in Dubai

Food Cost in Dubai

The cost of food is relatively cheap in Dubai. In fact, dining may be a wonderful experience in Dubai, as aside from being inexpensive, the international population in Dubai caters to sort of authentic international cuisine from everywhere around the world, starting from Indian Biryani to Italian pasta. Therefore, expatriates won’t miss their favorite dishes from their home countries while in Dubai. However, dining out at Dubai’s premium restaurants is dear needless to say, but there are many restaurants that provide delicious dishes for an inexpensive rate. Fast food is popular as it is tasty and cheap.

Cost of Food in Dubai

The Arab countries are famous for shawarma, and it became more famous in western countries by the dialogue by Iron Man. The shawarma costs around AED7. There are two sorts of restaurants, one type which is found in Old Dubai that is affordable and doesn’t serve alcohol. The licensed restaurants located within five-star hotels in Downtown and Dubai Marina are often costlier. But in Dubai, there’s the added advantage of minimal value-added tax.

  •  Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant for a Single Person – AED12 to AED45
  •  Three-Course Meal for Two People at a Mid-Range Restaurant – AED95 to AED300
  •  McMeal at McDonald’s or Equivalent – AED12 to AED30
  •  Domestic Beer (0.5-litre draught) – AED25 to AED50
  •  Imported Beer (0.33-litre bottle) – AED40 to AED50
  •  Cappuccino (regular) – AED10 to AED24
  •  Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) – AED2 to AED8
  •  Water (0.33 litre bottle) – AED1 to AED3
  • 500gm of Boneless Chicken Breast – AED21
  • 1 litre of Whole Fat Milk – AED6
  • 12 Eggs Large – AED14
  • 1 Kg of Tomatoes – AED7
  • 500 Grams Local Cheese – AED29
  • 1 Kg Apples – AED10
  • 1 Kg Potatoes – AED4
  • 1 Bottle of Red Table Wine – AED113

On the entire, the expenses on groceries and food will largely depend upon your food preference and lifestyle.

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