Healthcare & Education Cost in Dubai

Health & Education Cost in
Healthcare Cost in Dubai

You need to possess insurance when in Dubai. While some companies allow you to settle on your medical insurer and offer some amount of contribution, others enforce using their group scheme. An equivalent insurer may have different ranges of policy with different price tags, and you’ll choose between them. For a fairly comprehensive medical policy that allows worldwide medical treatment, you’ll expect it to cost you about AED10k annually. ‘

But, this could be ideally factored into your salary or paid by your company. In Dubai, medical costs are all comparatively costlier. However, the shortage of tax on your income, and therefore the lack of any contribution to the UAE’s Social Security and pension fund, helps keep down the cost of living. A basic consultation with a general physician or dentist is sort of affordable at AED500. However, this is often exclusive of the other tests or treatment.

A check-up at a family doctor without insurance may cost you a mean of AED270, with costs rising to AED400 for already dark calls. People can apply for a health card that entitles them to some free treatment. But it is better to have insurance. In the case of serious illness and accidents, you need to have insurance for the cost of a private hospital. The Insurance premiums may range from AED5500 per annum for a single person to AED 33,500 per annum for a family. 

Health & Education Cost in

Education Cost in Dubai

The costs of education are high in Dubai. Relocating to Dubai with children of faculty age may convince be a challenge if salaries are insufficient to satisfy educational needs, Typically, private schools that are run by American and British nationals usually have high fees while a couple of other schools, operated by Asians, are comparatively cheaper.

The information of several private schools are present online and it might be good to research few private schools in Dubai before relocation. Further, remember that a hike in tuition fees are often expected at any time. There are about 195 private schools in Dubai as per the 2018 survey. the varsity fee broadly ranges from AED2470 once a year to AED130,000 once a year, excluding the other additional fees for admission, uniforms, transportation, and books.

Private Preschool or kindergarten, full-day, for a child is AED666 to AED3,500 per month. The fee ranges from AED12,000 to AED55,000 per year for an International primary school for a child One way to avoid huge educational expenses is to settle on schools where your company features a corporate seat, making the fee much lower.

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