General Traffic Rules In Dubai

People from different countries live in Dubai and people from each country find it different to drive in Dubai. Different countries have different traffic rules. People from Asian counties may find the traffic organized and people from the western counties may find the traffic chaotic. There are strict traffic rules in Dubai. The fines might lead to the addition of black points. If there will be gain of 24 black points within a year the driving licence will be suspended for three months. The fine rates might change in the future. 

Driving Licence

People who want to drive a vehicle must have a driving licence. It is not necessary to have a Dubai driving licence. An international driving licence from approved counties can also be used. It is applicable for the tourists and temporary residents. Long term residents must apply for the Dubai driving licence. 


There are speeding cameras installed mostly everywhere in Dubai. The speed limits are indicated by the road signs. Generally, in urban areas the speed limits are 40-80 km/h, in parking areas and service areas maximum upto 25km/h, in residence areas average of 40 km/h, on highways upto 120 km/h.

Drink And Driving

Dubai has a zero-tolerance rule for drink and drive cases. There are heavy penalties or maybe imprisonment for the drink and drive case. The driving licence might be confiscated or the driver’s record might be added with black points. There might be a loss of job or sponsorship in the case of a diplomatic person.

Road Shoulders

The road shoulders are for emergency vehicles like an ambulance or a police vehicle. The road shoulds can be used for stopping for rest or to make a phone call. There is a penalty for driving through the head shoulder. There are some exceptions like a vehicle breakdown or emergencies. The head shoulder can be used by people in case of medical emergencies. Motorists can be fined AED 600 and a fine for parking on the road shoulder is AED 200.

Parking Rules

Places with malls or shopping centres or recreation places have parking free of cost. Some places will have paid parking with parking meters available Thursday to Saturday. There is a 4-hour maximum limit in paid parking. Vehicles will be towed away if parked illegally. There are some permits for the parking which can be applied. 

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