Guide For Expats To Register Baby’s Birth In Dubai

Get A Birth Certificate

The expat residents have 30 days to apply for a birth certificate in Dubai right after the child is born. The Expat parents should submit the following documents for the birth certificate.

  • Birth notification and discharge summary from the hospital (Stamped and certified certificate).
  • Marriage certificate (Original) which is attested and translated in Arabic.
  • Newborn’s Parent’s passports or Emirates IDs (original and copy)

If the child was not born in a hospital in Dubai, a letter from the court stating that delivery took place at home or somewhere else, including the place and date of birth and parents’ names.

In cases if the child is born inside the UAE and the father is not a resident of the country, the following documents are required:

  • Marriage contract certified
  • Wife’s declaration confirming continuity of the marriage
  • Copy of the husband’s passport, or a letter from the embassy providing the father’s nationality, or husband’s declaration attested by his country’s embassy, establishing his relationship with the child

The birth certificate can be applied at the specified counters of the hospital if the child is born in a public hospital. The birth certificate can be obtained by going to the service 1 centre in the Emirates Tower or Preventive Medicine Centre in Al Baraha if the child is born in a private hospital. If required English birth certificate can be obtained. You can apply for the birth certificate online through the MOHAP website. The birth certificates will be issued in 2-3 days by the respective authorities. 

Get The Birth Certificate Attested

the next step after getting the birth certificate is to get this document attested by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFA). It is recommended to go to the typing centre for the attestation of birth certificates in Dubai as they will be able to facilitate correctly for the process.

Issue The Identification Documents

After getting the birth certificate attested, you should issue the passports, Emirates ID and visas of the newborn. These procedures should be done within 120 days of the baby’s birth. Fine of AED 100 per will be imposed if the residence visa is not issued before this time period and the baby will not be allowed to exit the country. 

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