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Guide To Apply For Emirates ID And Resident Visa in Dubai

The documents should be applied and issued as soon as possible for the newborn as it may end up in penalties if not done earlier. The resident visa and Emirates ID is necessary to live in the UAE. The expat parents of the newborn can apply for a resident visa and Emirates ID at a typing centre or online through the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FIAC). You will need to visit an Amer centre to apply for the resident visa and Emirates ID in Dubai. The procedure is not too hectic. Just follow the procedure given below and it will be easier. The following documents will be required to apply for the Emirates ID and resident visa in Amer Centre in Dubai.

  • Copy of newborn’s parent’s passport with valid and stamped residence visa
  • Original and attested birth certificate of the newborn
  • A copy of the registered tenancy contract
  • Newborn’s passport-size photo (white background with the child’s eyes open)
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor

The process will take about two days for the e-visa. The visa will be sent delivered to the registered email address. Emirates ID typed for the newborn can be done in an Amer Centre or a FIAC centre. The following documents should be with you during the application process:

  • Original Emirates ID of Parent (Father)
  • Newborn’s Emirates ID Application
  • Family photograph including all family members

The next step after getting the newborn’s residency visa will be to get the visa stamped on the passport. You will need to visit an Amer Centre or typing centre with these documents:

  • Newborn’s Original Passport
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor (father)

After the visa gets stamped it will be sent back to the applicant through the same courier service.

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