Common Laws, Rules and Regulations in Qatar

Laws, Rules and Regulations in

Laws, Rules and Regulations in Qatar

When you visit any country or a place, you'”ll have to follow and abide by the laws of that place or country and realize that you shouldn’t break the laws of the country or place you’re visiting, in case if you break a law then you might face legal issues and even the consulate will also be unable to help you. For this the sole solution is, to stay yourself updated about the laws of the destination that you simply decide to visit. There are some fundamental laws which should be followed to pursue within the State of Qatar. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws, and religions in the least times and remember of your actions to make sure that they are doing not offend other cultures or religious beliefs, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you plan to go to religious areas. There could also be serious penalties for doing something which may not be illegal within other countries. There are rules for smoking, dressing, religion, and there are ladies rights, all are mentioned in brief below. You’re strongly advised to fill in on yourself with and respect local laws and customs. Public display of love and affection is also a crime in Qatar. Also littering is illegal. You can be fine up to QR25000 or maybe imprisonment for one year. 

Laws, Rules and Regulations in

Qatar society just announced that it’s not liberal like UAE or Bahrain, and is certainly more liberal than Saudi Arabia. Qatar follows shariah to all or any the parts of family law, legacy and certain criminal acts. Being a standard Muslim group, people will settle and disputes supported by the Sharia court or Islamic court, which is applicable to shariah or Muslim Law.

General Guidelines that are Applicable to Expats in Qatar

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