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How To Cancel Final Exit Visa In Saudi Arabia

Yes, you can cancel a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia whenever you want it to be cancelled. There is a small procedure you need to follow before leaving on a final exit to their respective home country:

How To Cancel Final Exit Visa In Saudi Arabia

How To Cancel Final Exit Visa In Saudi Arabia

  1. First go to Jawazat office and collect the final exit cancellation form, below are some locations of Jawazat offices located all over the Saudi Arabia.

Google maps links:-

  1. You can get the form from the agents near the Saudi Jawazat office.The information of form should be same as those in the passport. Fill the form in Arabic.
  2. After filling the final exit visa cancellation form it should be checked and signed by the employer / Kafeel.
  3. Ask the employer to write a letter to Saudi Jawazat for cancelling of final exit visa.
  4. This letter needs to be verified by Chamber of Commerce of the city where your employer office is registered in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Check your Saudi Iqama expiry and renew it before cancelling your final exit visa.

Now you need below mentioned documents :–

  • Two passport size photos with white background.
  • Scan copy of valid Iqama.
  • Scan copy of valid passport.
  • Copy of the final exit visa.

Submit the documents to your HR office and they will forward it to Jawazat.

Wait for the process to complete successfully in Jawazat, you will get notified by the company or Kafeel once your final exit is cancelled.

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