Guide To Find A Sponsor To Work In Qatar

According to Article 18 of Qatar Labor Law, every expatriate or migrant worker shall have a sponsor to obtain an entry visa for Qatar.

The Procedure To Find Sponsor To Work In Qatar

Find a Recruitment Agency

There will be many recruitment agencies in your home town that can assist you in finding a sponsor in Qatar. Also, the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) in your home town can also assist you to find a sponsor in Qatar. The process of application will be easier with the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC). The QVC will expedite the process of recruitment and ensure workers do not get exploited in their home countries. You will still have to comply with the QVC if you found a recruiter. The recruitment agency can assist you with your employment requirements in the absence of QVC.

Note: The conditions for sponsorship in Qatar are not limited to companies..

Who Else Can Sponsor?

According to Article 21 of Qatar Laws, The sponsorship for a person shall be determined as follows.

  • The employer can sponsor the expatriate.
  • The head of the family can sponsor the family members residing with him.
  • The host should sponsor his guest or visitor.
  • A woman must be sponsored by the person supporting her with whom she has taken up residence, even if she subsequently takes up employment, and a woman who enters the State of Qatar for the purpose of employment may bring her husband with her in accordance with the requirements laid down by ministerial order
  • A Qatari woman married to a non-Qatari can sponsor her husband and children with the approval of the competent authority.
Obtaining An Employment Contract

After the agreement of the employment contract, a temporary visa will be issued. The print of the visa can be taken from the Ministry of Interior’s website or through the Hukoomi portal.

Acquiring Residence or Work Permit

The documents mentioned below will be necessary:

  • Passport
  • Good conduct certificate (with hand fingerprints) from the country that issued the passport
  • Authenticated educational certificates
  • Medical examination

Note: All documentation must be certified or attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatar Embassy in the country from which you applied

An appointment can be booked to avoid waiting through the Ministry of Public Health’s website. The Criminal Evidences and Information Department.should be sent the medical examination results online.

Register in MADLSA

Make sure to document your employment contract after obtaining a residence permit at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), the job title, working hours, salary, and other privileges should be included in the contract. This must be in Arabic.

Know Your Rights And Obligations
  • The wife and the children can be brought to Qatar to live under your personal sponsorship (this requires a salary certificate from your employer, birth certificates of children, and a marriage certificate to the Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Qatar in your country)
  • The family visa can be applied at the Hukoomi portal
  • A bank account can be opened to which your salary will be transferred as stipulated in the pay protection scheme.
  • The Health card for each family member can be applied. The health card gives you free access to health services provided by the government facilities and hospitals.
  • Children can be registered for a place at a government or international school, or one of the schools affiliated to your country.
Transfer Of Sponsorship

According to Article 22, the transfer of the sponsorship of an employee can be done with a written agreement between the new and former employers and with the approval of the competent authority.

Note: Qatar Labor Law prohibits working for another company or party, whether paid or unpaid, during non-official working hours unless written permission is obtained from your current employer.

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