Can Expats With Expired QIDs Return To Qatar

The inbound flights to Qatar were suspended due to the coronavirus with the exception of Qatari citizens returning to their home country as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus, and also for expats who have not returned to Qatar.

Questions have been raised with the authorities regarding the return of the expatriates who are outside the country due to the COVID -19 restrictions and whose Qatar IDs have expired. Will they be allowed to return to Qatar with an expired Qatar ID.

The Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs has previously stated that the expatriates who were not allowed to return to Qatar due to the COVID -19 restrictions will be allowed to return to Qatar even if their Qatar IDs have expired or they have been outside Qatar for more than six months. The expatriates whose Qatar IDs expired while they were outside Qatar will be allowed to return to Qatar and renew their Qatar IDs until they successfully complete the quarantine period. This information was retrieved from the Destination Managers Department of Qatar Airways and National Tourism Council Partners.

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