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Procedure to Check Huroob Status on MOI and MOL

Huroob is a status called when a person leaves his kafeel/sponsor and an online report is made against that person. Most of the people engaged on a free visa / azad visa face these forms of issues because of dangerous kafeels. Huroob status can be checked online on the ministry of labor and the ministry of interior website. 

Check Huroob Status on MOI and MOL

Procedure to Check Huroob Status on MOI and

Huroob Status on Ministry of Labor Website:

Here are the step by step guide:

  • Visit Ministry of Labor Website.
  • Enter your Iqama number in the second box (written in Arabic: رقم الإقامة), then enter Captcha code (written in Arabic: رمز التحقق) then press enter (written in Arabic: بحث) .
  • Then Press Enter / بحث you will see info in arabic beneath enter / بحث button.
With Huroob status:

The people Absent from work or reported as huroob status will show like this. متغيب عن العمل means Huroob/Absent from work. 

Without Huroob status:

People working legally will not have an online report against them their status will show like this: علي رأس العمل means On the Job / No Huroob.

Huroob Status on Ministry of Interior Website:

Checking Huroob status online on MOI is  really straightforward procedure. Follow steps given below:

  • Visit Ministry of Interior Website:
  • Enter Iqama number and enter captcha code then click on view.
  • Now you’re done.
If this message appears on your screen: Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid!

It suggests that you’re under Huroob or Absent from work while not permission and you furthermore may need to pay a 1000 riyal fine to the govt. of Saudi Arabia to cancel Huroob standing of your iqama.

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