Guide to Renew Health Card in Qatar

Qatar’s significant healthcare provider is Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Both citizens and residents need to apply for the Hamad Health Card to get treatment from the Hamad Hospital. The Hamad health Card can be renewed both through the online and offline procedures. To renew the Hamad Health Card online you need to visit their website and fill in the application. individuals, citizens, and residents are allowed to renew their health card by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Here are the procedures to renew the Hamad Health Card.

Guide to Renew Health Card in

Guide to Renew Health Card in Qatar

Offline directions

  • Visit any HMC office/workplace or a health center associated to the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC).
Submit the documents mentioned:
  • Qatari Adults: Copy of valid QID or passport, and visa size pic (4cmx3cm)
  • Qatari Children: QID number and health card
  • GCC National Adult: Copy of QID with previous health card and Qatar personal identity number 
  • GCC National Child: Copy of QID with Qatar personal identity number and previous health card
  • Adult Residents: QID with a legitimate residence allow and health card
  • Children’s Residents: QID with a legitimate residence permit, previous health card, and original QID of sponsor
  • Domestic Staff: QID with a legitimate residence permit, health card, and original QID of the sponsor.
  • Pay the correct fees.

Online directions

  • Go to the web portal.
  • Fill the form with the required information.
  • Enter the Qatari ID number and choose “Renew (Update Expiry Date)” within the “Card Information” page, then click on “Next”.
  • Choose “Number of Required Years” to renew the health card and enter your mobile number in the “Application Form” page.
  • Enter your email if you choose “Yes” to induce the receipt voucher by email.
  • Enter the mobile number if you choose “Yes” to induce SMS notification.
  • Click on “Next” to go to the “Payment Details” page, then click on “Pay”.
  • Pay the correct fees and submit your application.


Applicable fees depend on the kind of candidate as follows:
  • Qatari adults and children: QAR 50
  • GCC nationals, whether adults or children: QAR 50
  • Residents, whether adults or children: QAR 100
  • Domestic staff: QAR 50

Health cards can be renewed online 24/7 or by visiting the HMC office/workplace or the PHCC centre nearest to wherever you reside throughout the morning operating hours.

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