Guide To Register To SADAD Online Payment

SADAD is a service through which online transactions can take place without using the credit card. All the online transactions require a credit card to make the transaction successful. The SADAD service can make the online transaction successful without the credit card. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) established the SADAD online payment service. To avail the services you need to sign up and open an account with SADAD for the services. Some funds must be transferred to the account. SADAD Online Payment’s key features are easy and secure online shopping, make online purchases without login in, purchase without credit card, and it is free of cost to use. Here are the steps to register to the SADAD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Procedure To Register A SADAD Account

  • Open a SADAD account in any commercial bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Go To The Bank’s Online Portal/Internet Banking Website.
  • Click On The Payment’s Tab.
  • From The Drop Down List Choose SADAD.
  • Then Select SADAD Account From The Options.
  • Create An ID And Enter It.
  • Agree To The Terms And Conditions If You Agree.
  • On The Next Page Confirm The ID And Then Click Proceed.
  • On The Next Page Set A Password.
  • A Code Will Be Sent Through SMS For Verification On The Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter The Code.
  • If The Account Is Created Successful A Message Will Appear.
  • Then Click Finish.

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