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Procedure to Check Vehicle Insurance Online in KSA

Insurance of a vehicle is incredibly necessary. Driving a vehicle with no insurance is like getting yourself at high risk. You need to get insurance for your vehicle now if you don’t have insurance on your vehicle. however if have already got insurance of your vehicle then it is safe. The vehicle insurance will be of one-year validity. Vehicle insurance will be issued if and only you have an Iqama or National Id. Some of the major insurance companies in Saudi Arabia are Trade Union, Salama, Medgulf, Tawuniya.   

Procedure to Check Vehicle Insurance Online in

Procedure to Check Vehicle Insurance Online in KSA

If you need to know whether your “vehicle insurance” has been expired or not, we are going to assist you in it. we are going to guide you on how to check your vehicle insurance in Saudi Arabia. the method is easy and simple. you simply ought to follow the steps we are going to guide you. You don’t need to visit any workplace or office to ascertain the validity of your vehicle insurance. you’ll be able to check it online.

You need to have an Absher account to check the validity of your insurance on the vehicle. Login to Ministry of Interior website. After logging in go to the e-services and select vehicle insurance inquiry from the traffic option. A screen will appear with the details of your vehicle. Then click on more details. “Display Vehicle Insurance” option will appear below.  

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