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How to Issue Final Exit Visa If The Iqama has Expired

Final Exit Visa after Iqama Expiry in

Jawazaat has introduced a procedure (Steps) for Expats to urge the final exit visa after iqama expiry. However, The sponsor or Kafeel has access to the said assistance. Absher ‘business’ allows the kafeel/company to perform the method. Besides, the method is online and doesn’t require a private visit to the Jawazat office. Furthermore, you’ll also apply for the ultimate exit visa if your iqama isn’t renewed after 30 days of its expiry. During this case, you don’t need the sponsor to issue the visa. It will be issued after the completion of all legal requirements by the Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia. We are getting to explain both methods during this article.

Final Exit Visa after Iqama Expiry in

Final Exit Visa If The Iqama has Expired

Applying for Final Exit Visa On Expired Iqama Through Ministry of Labour

As we’ve mentioned above, if your iqama is expired for quite a month, and therefore the sponsor isn’t processing your appeal then,

  • Visit the MOL office.
  • Ask the officials for the issuance of the working papers to urge the ultimate exit visa.
  • Submit the specified documents (Iqama)
  • Pay the iqama renewal and Maktab-e-Amal fee. Or, follow the instructions of officials for the fee payment.
  • Visit Jawazat for the issuance of the visa after the completion of the procedure.
  • Iqama will be renewed for a limited time by MOI. As per the new rule, the ultimate exit visa doesn’t issue on an expired iqama

If you face any problem or difficulty, you’ll revisit the MOL office. However, the foremost convenient thanks to solving any issue is by calling on the helpline. The customer care helpline number is 19911. you’ll call between 8 AM to eight PM during working days. (Sunday to Thursday). English, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog ( Filipino), and Malayam (Indian) are the supported languages at the helpline.

Issuing Final Exit Visa On Expired Iqama By Sponsor – Online Procedure

In this online method, the employer applies for the issuance of the ultimate exit visa after iqama expiry. A specified amount of fees should be paid by the Sponsor by logging in “Absher Business”. then renew your iqama. After that, the employer will issue the visa. the method is that the same as issuing the ultimate exit visa for the dependents. The online method is fast and immediate. additionally, we’ve observed that the majority of the sponsors renew the iqama for a full year.

Getting Final Exit Without Kafeel

The Saudi rules are unambiguous during this regard. The expats can’t continue the ultimate exit without a kafeel. If the kafeel isn’t alive, then the expats will transfer to a different kafeel (sponsor). If you visit Jawazat, they’re going to direct you to rearrange a replacement sponsor. So you want to be under the sponsorship of a kafeel in any case. Here is that the procedure to see iqama transfer from one sponsor to a different.

Procedure to Get Final Exit Without Iqama.

Surrender to security officials is that the only thanks to get exit without iqama. However, it are often an extended and painful procedure. The officials will keep the expat in jail for an unknown period. The detention are often for a couple of days to an entire year or maybe more. Therefore it’s never a wise choice. The officials will interrogate thoroughly about the rationale for not having iqama. they will also check for any record and activity. The other option are often having an huroob status. But if the police catch, the detention in jail may be a must. Furthermore, entry to KSA is additionally banned for a minimum period of three years.

Cancel Final Exit

In case that the disputes settle with the kafeel or the corporate then they will cancel the visa. Jawazat has directed that if the corporate or kafeel are allowed to cancel final exit visa issued after the expiry of iqama. Jawazat also said that the stay are going to be extended for a period of three months without paying any iqama fee.

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