Guide To Cancel SIM On Iqama In Saudi Arabia

There are no services allowed at the current moment to cancel SIM cards online or by calling the customer care number. However, if you find any unauthorized SIMS registered on your Iqama, that specific number can be blocked online. Here is the procedure to cancel the SIM on iqama.

How To Cancel SIMS On Iqama

you must visit any of your nearest mobile service provider offices in order to cancel mobile numbers under your Iqama. Iqama must be provided for the verification. The SIM will be deactivated in no time once the verification is done.

Check How Many SIMS Are There On Your Iqama Online

By visiting the CITC website you can check how many SIMS are registered on your Iqama Number. You will have to log in to the CITC website to check the SIMS registered on the mobile number.  

Mobile Number Portability

The mobile number can be transferred to another network. If you are not satisfied with the service of a mobile network provider then you can change the network of the mobile number to another network. It is a free of cost.The major network providers STC, Mobily, and Zain only provides this service. You will have to visit the network provider office to change the network.

Transfer Ownership

You can also transfer your mobile number to another person. This is the best option for you if you want to keep more numbers. The number can be transferred to your friends or relatives name. The procedure is simple and easy. Both the parties together will have to visit the nearest carrier offices and make a request over there. The transfer procedure only takes a few minutes.

Customer Care Numbers

  • Mobily: 1100 or 0560101100
  • STC: 900 or 11 455 5555
  • Zain: 959 or 0590000959
  • Friendi: 166000 or 0571166000
  • Virgin Mobile: 1789
  • Labera: 1755 or 0576001755

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