What To Do If Passport Is Lost By The Saudi Expat

It happens, people lose some things and it can be a passport. The proceed with the procedure to retrieve a lost passport you must make sure that the passport is actually lost i.e. check your place, car, check thoroughly.


An advertisement might help retrieve your lost passport. An announcement about the lost passport must be made in the newspaper with your name, number, passport number. A standard price of an advertisement is SAR 100. It will be better if the advertisement is done in the English language so that the embassy and consultant can understand easily.

Saudi Jawazat

The General Directorate Of Passport (Jawazat) is the department responsible for the issues of Saudi iqama and passports. You will have to inform them that your passport is lost in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you will have to submit a copy of your passport to the embassy or consultant. Fake statements must be avoided as they will lead to further investigation, the correct statement must be given whether it is your fault.

Police Station

If the passport is not found, an individual will have to file a complaint at the police station near his residence. The statement of how the passport got lost must be given at the police station. And also get a copy of the report from the police.

Saudi Iqama

The Saudi iqama will be required so it needs to be carried. The police report should be attached to the application form for the new passport. Procedures vary depending upon where the passport was lost.

Documents Required For Complaint Form
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Affidavit Stating Loss of Passport
  • Police Report
  • Photocopy of The Lost Passport (If Available)
  • Photographs (2)
Documents Required For New Passport
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Print From Saudi Jawazat
  • Saudi Iqama Copy
  • Copy of Lost Passport
  • Payment for New Passport

The last page of the new passport would contain details of the lost passport. There will be a note stating that the lost passport has been cancelled. The visa will remain active.

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